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                Sichuan Shuji Agricultural Development Co., Ltd.


                Sichuan Shuji Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. is a large-scale specialized agricultural company integrating seed production, planting, production, marketing and technical services. The company has two projects, including production of Morchella species, cultivation of Morchella, technical services of Morchella, processing and marketing, rice, wheat and rape planting and marketing. The company has 120 employees, including 11 managers and 5 professional and technical personnel. The company began to cultivate Morchella from 40 mu. There are three test bases of different soil types in Luojiang area, totaling 500 mu. In 2016, the company solved the problem of local people's employment by more than 150 people per month, including 10 poor households, two disabled people and 15 entrepreneurs (2017). The company has a Morchella processing plant with an area of about 1000 square meters, three dryers (natural gas), one boiler, one high temperature sterilization device, one mixer, one freezer and related equipment. In 2018, Deyang will invest 30 million yuan and expropriate 50 mu of land to build a breeding and cultivation plant of Morchella and a production and processing plant of Morchella, special edible fungi food, frozen and dried products, with an annual production capacity of 200 tons and a output value of 100 million yuan.

                The company currently has more than 500 mu of land in circulation, in Jinshan Town, Tiaoyuan Town and Luoping Town of Luojiang River. Since its establishment, the company has been cooperating with colleges and research institutes, such as Sichuan Academy of Forestry (the only cooperative unit of Morchella), Sichuan Academy of Agricultural Sciences and so on. It has been implemented jointly with Southwest University of Science and Technology, giving full play to its advantages. Sichuan Shuji Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. is responsible for specific implementation, providing existing production technology and implementation site facilities. Taking the enterprise as the link, the edible mushroom production base of the enterprise as the demonstration base, the technical team of the scientific research unit as the technical support, and the mechanical processing laboratory of the scientific research unit as the prototype development base, the integration of production, learning, research and pushing technology has been formed. The company has a stable production base for Morchella cultivation, strict screening procedures and production process, integrity and quality in the same industry and local form a good reputation and influence.


                The company serves the growers in the way of "company + base + member". Our company provides germs, field management technical guidance services, and bag recycling for field planting.


                Sichuan Shuji Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. has become a new star of Morchella field cultivation in Sichuan Province. The company's products have been sold to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Kunming, Shanghai and other domestic cities, exported to Germany, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Japan, Korea and other countries. After several years of practice and innovation, the company's technical team has made some achievements in the field cultivation technology of Morchella, and is applying for two patents, practical patents (Morchella and rice rotation technology) and invention patents (Morchella planting shed technology). The company has signed a school-enterprise cooperation agreement with Southwest University of Science and Technology, and has been engaged in field cultivation of Morchella for a long time. In the next three years, we plan to transfer 3000 mu of land and invest 50 million yuan. Including: morchella, special edible fungi products, frozen products, dried goods factory 12,000_, drying workshop 10,000 square meters, seed processing laboratory edible fungi greenhouse construction, etc.

                With the support of the governments at all levels in Deyang City, the company has entered more families through brand building of Morchella and characteristic edible fungi, honest service, large-scale and standardization of Morchella and characteristic edible fungi green and healthy food. At present, the Morchella market is still in short supply. The domestic consumption market is expanding sharply, and the existing gross domestic product is still unable to meet the needs of the country. In the domestic market, we will review the situation and seize the opportunity to achieve annual output value of more than 3 million RMB in 2017, more than 8 million RMB in 2018 and 100 million RMB in 2020.


                We sincerely invite our colleagues and friends from all walks of life to cooperate in joint ventures and work together for development and future. We warmly welcome you to visit our company.


                Shuji Agriculture

                Company's Development Goals from 2018 to 2019

                1. The headquarters of the company moved to Luoping Town to establish Morchella laboratory, inoculation room, culture room, fungus production workshop, material warehouse, expand frozen warehouse fresh-keeping warehouse, increase drying room, complete Morchella finishing production line and Exhibition hall.


                A 500 mu experimental base was established in Luoping Town, including the demonstration garden of field planting technology innovation, the demonstration garden of field planting learning, the demonstration garden of undergrowth planting technology innovation and the demonstration garden of undergrowth planting learning. Standardized anti-season demonstration garden of steel frame greenhouse.


                Within the scope of Deyang City, Mianzhu City, Shifang City and Guanghan City have established their bases respectively.


                2. Scientific research teams have been established, agricultural science and technology branches have been set up, and existing experience and technology and patents have been transformed into scientific and technological products, so as to make modern wisdom agriculture and subvert all the current cultivation patterns of morchella.


                3. At present, there are hundreds of wholesale channels for fresh and frozen dry goods in China. Dry orders are nearly 10 tons and frozen orders are more than 20 tons. Next step is to establish our own branch of import and export trade.


                4. Establish perfect retail sales terminals and create "Fanzi" brand as a special agricultural product in Deyang.